About Us

A vision where event goers and entertainers can locate and purchase tickets as well as having a prompt detailed record of who purchased ticket, how many, and also have the ability to check them in all under one roof. This vision has manifested into what audiences and promoters know as Stub Haven.

Stub Haven’s inception began on a piece of computer paper by its creator Danté D. Taylor at his job in The Bahamas. During his break from school, he wanted to create something that was innovative, convenient, and new to the country. With much fearlessness, drive, and determination, Stub Haven was born in December 22, 2015 with the help of his partners Corey Bruney and Raymond Wright.

Stub Haven quickly gained the attention of the Bahamian people and within six months landed its biggest contract to date; The Hard Rock Café Nassau Bahamas Branch. As the success of the company quickly rose, he knew more work had to be done. The founder returned to Indiana University of Pennsylvania in order to complete his undergraduate degree in General Management and make the business flourish . Within a month into the semester, Stub Haven was contracted to distribute tickets for their first international at Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s fashion weekend. This event was a weekend long event from Thursday through Saturday and sold out each of the events featured. Danté D. Taylor and his partners are committed to expanding the vision of Stub Haven and its reach to an audience that want to distribute tickets quickly, reliably, and conveniently. As Stub Haven expands we intend to create products for your everyday use.

Stub Haven also strives to be reach all events sizes, as the importance of the service is not the size of the event but to be apart of every customers memorable experience.

  • Easy navigation for promoters to access accounting information.
  • Saves promoter money by not having to print out tickets.
  • No long lines.
  • More Advertisement exposure.